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Aditi Shah is a yoga teacher based in New York City who has been learning and practicing yoga from a young age. She is excited to be able to garner her teaching abilities and knowledge of yoga to bring work-life balance to offices all over New York!

Favorite Pose: currently, sirsasana (headstand)

Why Yoga? As BKS Iyengar says, "Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees." Try it and find out!





As a NYC attorney, Rachel attempted to sustain some sort of work-life balance, but after herniating a disc and reaching a mental breaking point, she decided to switch career paths. She is now dedicating her life to yoga, health and wellness so that she can bring these tools to those in the workplace. Because maybe, just maybe - it will leave employees happier, healthier and satisfied with their current work-life balance!

Favorite Pose: cat/cow

Why Yoga? Nothing else makes me feel as good, it's as simple as that!



Yoga has been an important part of Eileen's life for more than a decade.

Favorite Pose: trikonasana (triangle)

Why Yoga? Breathing and moving with awareness is a powerful combination. We each have such different bodies and minds, and all of the challenges, desires, and fears that go with them. I really believe that there is a yoga practice for everyone - even if it looks a little (or a lot!) different than what we might expect. Yoga can be about so much more than just the poses - it can offer us a potent lifelong journey with endless opportunity for exploration, discovery, evolution, and transformation.