Here's just a small sampling of the many types of classes TYD offers.

stretch & regenerate series

Sitting for extended periods? Notice yourself hunching? Have an old injury that still bothers you? When your muscles are stuck in the same position for hours on end, day after day, they begin to resize themselves to accommodate these habitual long-term sitting sessions. Restricting range of motion, posture and mobility. In this class we'll address common postural issues that lead to chronic pain and problems such as shortened range of motion, tight and rounded shoulders, head protruding, back hurting and more.


In the busy city, many of us spend our time either parked in front of a computer screen or hustling from one end of the city to another. Our nervous system responds to pressure and stress by remaining in a state of fight or flight. This can cause hormonal imbalances, poor digestion, and a host of other symptoms -  which make us feel as though we are not operating at 100%. Each stress management session takes you through a guided technique that will leave you feeling deeply refreshed and relaxed - giving your nervous system a chance to reset.

yoga rx: stretch & release

TYD's favorite mat-based class, Yoga Rx, is well rounded and curated exactly to your office's needs. After getting to know your employees and office atmosphere, we design a prescriptive class that draws from physical yoga, restorative postures, breath work, mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques. A typical class will have 20-40 minutes of movement and breathing followed by a quick break before a 20 minute stress management session for others to join in. Please note this class requires yoga appropriate clothing.


Nothing brings people together like food! Help your team bond and grow together with a series of interactive and informative wellness talks at lunch. Choose among a series of simple workshops designed to educate employees about healthy food choices in an accessible, approachable way. Your office will learn how food can contribute outlook, overall lifestyle, energy levels and performance.

massage central

What could melt away the stress of work better than a 15-minute rub down? Not to mention massage is proven to increase circulation, reduce anxiety, increase range of motion, improve cardiovascular health, and so much more! Our certified massage therapists come into your office to offer mini-sessions of bliss. 


Yoga isn't everyone's jam, and we get that! Staying active is a major component of a healthy lifestyle and can help your office stay more focused at work as well. We offer a variety of group fitness classes to suit you needs, including pilates, barre, tai chi, boxing, cardio dance, toning and strength-based workouts.

custom workshops & retreats

Retreat yourself and your office! By customizing the in-office retreat your employees deserve, we'll have everyone walk away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired. Choose from our half or full day menus and we will design your day to incorporate movement, stress management, healthy foods, speaker panels and more.