At The Yoga Department, we believe in collaboration and communication. We work continuously with our clients in order to foster open communication and a spirit of team work. Here's who we work with and what they have to say about us.


Melissa Monteforte, Hawkins International PR

Rachel reminds us of the importance of taking a  break from the daily grind and connecting with our inner self.  She gives very fluent instructions for every pose and gives options of how to adapt the poses for our own comfort levels. Her harmonious nature and passion for yoga inspire me to push myself further each session.  Rachel is a compassionate, skillful and inspirational teacher. I am looking forward to continuing on my yoga journey with her.

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Claire schmidt, aloha

I hadn’t practiced yoga in years—although I was constantly reading about the mental and physical health benefits of the exercise. It was one of those things that was always “on my list.” I just never made the time. Then, Aditi came into our office at ALOHA. We set up mats in the conference room, turned off the lights, and were led through a yoga flow. We started by taking three breaths together, uniquely connecting me to my fellow employees, some with whom I had never even interacted.
The practice winded down with savasana (easily one of my favorite parts of the sequence). It was in this pose, my senses alive with the smell of lavender, that I really began to appreciate the effects of the practice. I felt more open, more confident, and more comfortable in my own body—something I have been working to achieve my entire life. 
Since then, I have continued to do yoga with Aditi (there is truly no one like her!) in a group setting, both inside and outside of the office. I haven't been practicing for long, but with each session I take steps towards becoming a more focused and present individual.


Natalie Liberman, necessary clothing

Our experience with the Yoga Department has been nothing short of extraordinary.  They handle themselves very professionally, are always available for communication and accommodation and are extremely warm, practical and knowledgeable yoga teachers.  Both Rachel and Aditi have come into our office and taught our staff their signature YogaRX class and it was an experience like no other.  The staff was so happy that it allowed them to break up their day and left feeling calm and at ease.  Additionally, we noticed that following the class the work productivity, efficiency increased while amount of technical (and very important) errors decreased following the class.  It seems like overall it makes our employees happier and more productive.  For us, using TYD is a win-win and we are so thankful to have them in our office.


Staff, The Future Project

I really enjoyed Aditi's teaching method. I thought the pace/rhythm of the class was great! I felt like I was able to focus on my breathing more than I have in any other class I've taken.