Essential Oils for the Bedroom

it's February, which means LOVE is in the air. But sometimes it can be harder to “set the mood” than we would like.

Here are 9 Essential Oils to help you in the bedroom (or any room you choose).
1. Goldenrod // solidadago canadensis 
The name of this oil is derived from from the Latin solide which means “to make whole.” Think of the word, and then imagine it does exactly that - helps with blood circulation to help men "make whole" downstairs.

2. Lady Sclareol
This Young Living essential oil blend enhances female libido by improving mood and raising estrogen levels. BONUS, it smells AMAZING.

3. Mister
Despite its name, Mister increases the desire in both men and women! However, as a bonus, it specifically helps to support healthy function in men.

4. Sensation
Romantic smell, refreshing, and arousing, Sensation amplifies excitement and allows you to experience new heights of self-expression and awareness!

5. Shutran
Designed specifically for men, this Young Living exclusive blended oil boosts feelings of masculinity and confidence

6. Ylang Ylang // cananga odorata
Meaning “Flower of Flowers”, this oil can support loss of libido or frigidity and help you “get your groove back."

7. Idaho Blue Spruce // picea pungens
This oil increases spiritual closeness, heightens sexual experiences, and helps get you there faster.

8. Black Pepper // piper nigrum
This oil produces a warming effect - increases stamina, eases tension, and awakens the mind, all while increasing blood flow to help you get to a perfect ending.

9. Orange // citrus × sinensis
This is happiness in a bottle and a great oil to mix with any listed above. This oil has been known to calm nerves, uplift moods, and smell FANTASTIC.

For more information about these tantalizing oils, visit Young Living Essential Oils and look around. We also recommend this quick & dirty guidebook for recipes and more down and dirty details about each one of the above mentioned oils.

Megan DiGesare is an Essential Oil Educator with Young Living Essential Oils based out of Palm Beach County, Florida, who was raised on holistic medicine from a young age. She loves to incorporate her oils in different ways throughout all aspects of her life and wants to show the world that Essential Oils are for everyone. When she isn't shouting her love for oils from the rooftops you can find her traveling, dining out at the newest restaurant in town, or spending time with friends and family.

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