We ALL spend a lot of time in January focusing on being the best versions of ourselves... and - let's get real - focusing on bringing fitness + wellness into our lives. Here's a quick list of how to sweat + how to eat to make your New Year's resolutions last a little bit longer.

1. Skip the $40 Workout Classes.

It's harder to keep a resolution to stay fit when it costs half as much as your rent. Here are a list of affordable gym memberships for the month of January.

2. Skip the gym.

Better yet, work out at home. Refinery29 lists 30+ of their favorite YouTube workout channels. The good news is you can work out in your PJs! The bad news is you have no excuses to skip working out.

3. Try a different kind of workout.

Even if you can't touch your toes, our friend Sasha gives us a few guidelines on how to approach yoga mindfully. Read her article and try this

4. Fuel your workouts!

Training can be more difficult if you don't support your body with the right nutrients. The right foods to eat before and after you sweat.

5. Stay healthy.

It's cold + flu season, and being bedridden can throw even the most motivated off track. Read how doctors avoid getting sick, and keep on top of those fitness goals!