How to Set an Intention You can Keep

How to set an intention you can keep? That is easy.
Everything starts with a thought, and behind that thought, there is a fire of will. Every action relies on the will to be executed. You want to succeed, reach the goal, own that achievement.

STEP ONE: Acceptance + Understanding
Anything that happened before this moment is called experience, and experiences are necessary to growth. With your experience fueling you, believe that you are a winner, you can get things done, and you can meet face-to-face with your goals. For example, let's set the small intention of reading this article. Let’s work on it!

There will inevitably be distractions (ahem, Facebook), thoughts, actions trying to stop you from finishing. Your job is to forget about everything else. What you are doing here is far greater than anything else because it will help you meet face to face with your goals, with your better self.

STEP TWO: Your Better Self
What’s the better self? The better self is the better you. That part of you that makes things happen, makes things possible, that reaches the goal. Remember that moment when you passed that difficult exam in grad school, or that time you participated in a 10k (or a marathon!) for the first time and you ran all those miles? That’s your better self. There isn’t a more powerful tool other than a will. When you focus your intention on a clear picture of where you want to go there is nothing that can stop. That’s why you need preparation.

STEP THREE: Short Term + Long Term Goals
Like any plan you have to have steps. Whatever your long-term goal is it needs to have an infrastructure. Remember, there IS a way even if there are no roads previously built that can take you where you want to be. You plan to go from A to B, where A is the present and B is a possible future. Choose smaller steps in between, and decide how long you have to get there.

STEP FOUR: Positivity + Support
It will take patience, preparation, and practice to get there. Surround yourself with positive emotions, supportive people and music. Music is a good way to motivate yourself. There are 7 billion people on this planet and I can assure you, you will find other people that will believe in your idea, product, goal. Reach out to the experienced ones, those who have succeeded, get a mentor. 

STEP FIVE: Acknowledge your Effort!
As you have figured out by now, nothing in life comes easy. The longer you practice setting intentions and keeping them, the better you’ll get at it. It will build up your confidence, your self-esteem, your will. Next thing you know you may have accomplished so much that this post might just be a fading memory or a printed article on your office wall. 

Alexander Torres is a Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur at The Yoga Department. You can find him learning more about the latest marketing trends, new business models, or meditating. His life goal is to create a healthy marketing symbiotic relationship between the customer and the brand. Connect with Alexander on LinkedIn.