TYD'S WEEKLY TOP 5 IS HERE TO GIVE YOU A DOSE OF WELLNESS, LOVE AND INSPIRATION. THIS WEEK WE HAVE your post-thanksgiving plan, a food kit round up, and more...

1. One Less Thing To Worry About.

Companies like Blue Apron may have paved the way for meal delivery services, but cooking complicated recipes has proven to be a giant road block for many of us busy bees. Check out these healthy and realistic food kit options. 

  Photo: Instagram/@so_ripe  

Photo: Instagram/@so_ripe

2. Ah-Choo!

The last thing you want this holiday season is to be side-lined from the festivities. We all hate it when the office transforms into germ-central, so how can you avoid catching the flu at the office? A few hints: sleep, chug water, probiotics. 

3. Gave Too Much Thanks?

 Photo:  Quyn Duong

Photo: Quyn Duong

Thanksgiving is basically synonymous with food coma and feeling uncomfortably full. Hit refresh with this light and forgiving Thanksgiving detox plan.  

4. Got Light?

What's going to keep you mentally and physically strong and going this winter? Clinical research shows that about 30 minutes of exposure to bright light within two hours of waking can ameliorate sleep disorders, depression, and seasonal affective disorder. Find out exactly how to do the bright thing. 

5. Berry Me Already.

Give your mornings a delicious, energetic and filling start with these smoothie recipes. If you're feeling the holiday spirit, we highly recommend you try Spiced Wisdom.