TYD's Weekly TOP 5

TYD's Weekly Top 5 is here to give you a dose of wellness, love and inspiration. This week find out what to listen to this November, healthy go-to dinners, nature's xanex and more...

1. Tune In.

Feed your ears with the new Solange, Phantogram, Drake and more with this November's TYD playlist. Perfect tunes for for your morning run or friendsgiving meal.

2. Bliss Out Instead of Stress Out.

Stressed out? Try L-theanine to reduce anxiety and amp up calmness and focus. From yummy gummies to drinks, discover the different ways to fit it into your day. 

3. What's for Dinner?

Good question. Check out these go-to dinners, all healthy, all delicious. 

4. NYC This Week.

Well+Good is hosting an evening of meditation at MNDFL, with a build-your-own-bouquet bar to follow. Talk about feeling (and smelling) zen-ed out! Grab tix here.

5. Try This @ Your Desk.

Feeling ancy after sitting for hours at your desk? We would too! Check out these different types of easy, quick and effective desk stretches.