TYD's Weekly TOP 5

TYD's Weekly Top 5 is here to give you a dose of wellness, love and inspiration. This week we have delicious Thanksgiving recipes, witch approved gifts and more...

1. Thanksgiving Nomz.

Get creative this Turkey Day with &BE WELL's compilation of these delicious and healthy thanksgiving inspired breakfast + brunch ideas  (Personally, I will eat any of them at any hour). 

2. Stretch Break.

Stronger than a cup of coffee: Feeling sleepy? hungry? annoyed? What happens if you take 3 minutes to stretch. it. out?!

3. Take Some Space. 

Give yourself some space away from the hustle and bustle of the past week and half. Allow yourself to take a few hours to have a break from your phone, the people around you, being inundated by information, and turn inward. Join the half-day meditation retreat in Astoria this Saturday. 

4. Comic Relief. 

Thank you Lena Dunham for this hilarious attempt at meditating

5. For the Mystical Mamas

Never to early to start finding the right gift for the holiday season. Check out these amazing witch approved gifts.